About Accessible Pakistan

For the first time in Pakistan,”Friends of Paraplegics” launches the unique concept of Accessible Pakistan through Android & IOS applications and website, supported under the Micro Project scheme of Federal Republic of Germany. It focuses on inclusion of persons with disabilities through highlighting universal acceptability and building bylaws. This application helps online identification of accessible spots/services for persons with disabilities and old aged citizen.

Additional features of “on-the-spot location suggestion”by visiting users have been added to help users suggest an accessible place,thus enabling users to share their experience and ensure accessibility under building codes with the help of local authorities.Data provided against user identified accessible places will be analysed for exactness and will be uploaded with more details for common users to get information on their fingertips.


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  • We love to benefit from the experience and expertise of other organizations working in this arena, at the same time, we have a strong resolve not to limit ourselves to conferences, seminars and protests, nor would we compromise our mission for any kind of personal and/or organizational gains.

    Our focus is to, organize most, if not all the financially independent, courageous, hardworking, forward looking individuals with functional impairments, blend them out, with kind hearted and resourceful people from all walks of life, train and educate them regarding the issues, right and plight of people with disabilities, identify their problems, find low cost local solutions thereof and embark upon a grand, step wise, “Ability Movement” in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and beyond.

    Dr. Syed Muhammad Ilyas
  • We, the humans, are born you love and help each other.

    God is love and that’s why teaches us to be polite to every one especially the challenged people come forward and play your part in helping the needy.o in the future.

    Friends Of Paraplegics has always tried their utmost to lessen the problems faced by the challenged people and it will remain determined to do so in the future.

    Vice Chairman’s